Pacific Crest Trail

The Village Inn is not exactly well-known for this reason, but we should be.

A great stop for hikers and people who want to support or visit them!

Staying here you are only short ways away from where the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses the highway. The trailhead is a half mile to the east. Here you are less than 45 minutes from a large city if you need certain items, or you can re-supply at the Kracker Barrel. The store accepts USPS mailed packages. Our owners love to hike in the area July through September! 

We usually have plenty of rooms at the Inn and our new online system allows you to book at your convenience. Make time for a Zero day just shy of mile 2300.

On a side note, because you might get to meet her - Here is an article about Zippee, our accountant who hiked from Mexico to Canada in 2016.

Not up for an inter-continental hike? You do not have to travel the entire trail from Mexico to Canada to get a feel for the experience. Trek a couple of miles in either direction to end up alongside an alpine lake with an incredible view.