Plan your trip

Current Season:  SPRING 2018

What is happening at the pass: The snow is melting fast, dirt trails are starting to appear but have not yet been maintained for maximum hiking enjoyability. We see cars parked at the resort, people hiking out with backpacking gear, back country skis and personal location devices. The lake has melted out and Frogs are starting to appear. Leech Lake has not yet been stocked for the season, but the campground is open. Birds are active and mushrooms are coming out. The PCT trail heads are easily accessible on both sides of Highway 12.

Recommended Day Trip Activities: 
Drive 5 minutes to the East and park at the Clear Creek Falls overlook. The waterfall is roaring with the spring melt and you have a neat paved access path and fenced lookout area. 
Drive to the South East Mount Rainier entrance and visit the Grove of the Patriarchs.

We also recommend bringing S'mores ingredients and other campfire activities. Since there is not yet a burn-ban in effect, now is the time to gather around our campfire pit!

The loop around Leech Lake is snow free and the bugs are not yet out. Enjoy the ~2 mile walk listening for woodpeckers, seeing trillium and smelling skunk cabbage in bloom.

Pool: Closed for the off season. Not heated. Will re-open July 2nd.

Other: Send us an email if you stayed this winter and left anything behind. We are about to discard our Lost & Found from this winter, so claim your items asap!