Plan your trip

Updated 10.12.18 11:07am

Current Season:
  FALL 2018

What is happening at the pass: Elk are calling and hiking is snow free below 5000ft of elevation. Sun this week, but days and nights are getting colder. Larches are beginning to turn and fall colors are at their peak!

Recommended Day Trip Activities: 
The crowds have cleared as the weather starts to turn. 
Drive around Rimrock/Clear Lake for beautiful views, fall colors, and to see the stumps in the drained lake.
For a day-trip, head out 123 - the road is open up to Tipsoo lake (Naches Peak Loop) for incredible fall colors and a view of Mt Rainier when the clouds clear.

Pool: Heated to 100 degrees 10/12-10/14 and Thanksgiving weekend ONLY, otherwise kept at 85 to be comfortable for swimming in the mountains!