Condos and Village Map

  • The White Pass Village Inn has 5 buildings with multiple hallways and floors. Building 1 is the farthest East.
  • # & ## digit room numbers are located on the first floor, ### second floor, #### third floor.
  • We have 4 types of floor plans: Studio, Studio+Loft, Studio+Bedroom, Studio+Loft+Bedroom. There very limited units with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Not all units have been recently updated. Expect to occasionally book a room with "Retro" charm and match your expectations.
  • Some units come with smaller, less well-appointed kitchens. Some units have dishwashers and/or fireplaces.
  • Most units have a view of the ski hill. Unit numbers ending in 6 & 7 face the lake.
Ski / Nordic Area maps
Google Area map
Condo Diagrams / Maps are available by request from the office