Insider Secrets & Tips

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  • Have coffee or an espresso at the Kracker Barrel if you get here before check-in time, or take a walk/drive to a scenic vista nearby.
  • Bring a Bathrobe, Steaks & Veggies to grill, and your favorite, locally roasted, pre-ground coffee and a cooler full of ice cubes for mixed drinks.
  • Try out a Hello Fresh or other grocery service meal, cook it as an evening activity in your condo's kitchenette.
  • Arriving after 8pm? Ask about after hours check-in.
The Village Inn is in a prime location to stay while visiting the great mountains of the WA South Cascades region, within a 20 minute to 2 hour drive of the three juggernauts. Odds are good you've heard of Mount Rainier & Mount St. Helens, and have seen Mount Adams from afar.
  • On the west ridge of Paradise Basin, there is a vista where you can see Mt. Rainier and the neighboring ridges and mountains. Or, if you're out for a multi-day backpacking trip there is a spot in the Goat Rocks (a semi-secret location just south of here) where you can camp and see Rainier, Helens and Adams on a clear day. 
  • For a morning drive, head up to Camp Muir to see glaciers in their glory and possibly do some early or late season skiing or prime season hiking.
  • Curious about volcanoes? The Mount St. Helens visitor center is an incredible day trip for families year-round. History and science combine into a recently formed, accessible natural wonderland. Best time to visit is mid-summer.