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Updated 07.08.2020
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White Pass Village Inn Covid-19 Safety Procedures
We have taken the following precautions to improve guest and employee health and safety:
-All units and common use areas are sanitized regularly pre and post guest check-out using disinfectant products that have been pre-approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging viral pathogens.
-Linens are professionally cleaned by an outsourced vendor.
-Housekeeping staff is properly trained on a regular basis in the use of disinfectants and above standard cleaning procedures.  Staff wears gloves and masks for cleaning at all times.
-Public spaces and the front desk are cleaned and sanitized frequently as well as high touch areas including:  Lobby, desk, door handles, and unit keys.
-The Village Inn has posted signage to remind guests and employees to wash hands with soap and warm water frequently, for at least 20 seconds each time.  We also provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol in all guests contact areas and to all staff.  In addition, staff has been advised not to touch their faces and to practice “Social Distancing” by standing at least 6 feet away from all guests and co-workers.
-Staff has been educated on the most common signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 infection, which are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.  This is posted in the office for all who enter to read.

Guest(s) With Online Reservations Check-in Procedures:
-Upon reservation confirmation, guests will be emailed Check-In procedures as noted below.

Walk-In Procedures:
-Prior to donning PPE please let attending staff member know you are at the door so they can witness your sanitizing.  If they do not see you sanitize you will be asked to do it with them witnessing the sanitization process. Ring doorbell at front door if staff does not see you at the front door.
-All staff, owners, and guests will be required to wear face masks, sanitize hands, and don nitrile gloves before walking into the office. A small table will sit outside the front office door with face masks, hand sanitizer and nitrile gloves.
-Attending office staff will open the door and Welcome guests when the sanitary requirements have been met.
-Office staff will wear required PPE (face masks, hands sanitized, nitrile gloves) while attending to guest.
-After check-in policies have been reviewed, documents signed, guest(s) have departed, the counter tops, writing utensils, door knobs, key board, mouse and protective window shall be sanitized.
-NOTE:  Guest will be directed to remove all PPE items and place them in the Haz waste container outside the front office door.

After Hours Maintenance Work Orders:
-After hours maintenance requests will require staff and guests to utilize gloves and masks.

Check Out Procedures:
-Upon check out guests will be instructed to return keys to office key drop box.
-Keys will be sanitized by staff upon collection.  

Post Checkout Housekeeping Procedures:
-Housekeeping will wear approved facemask and rubber gloves prior to entering room.
-Housekeeping will then wipe front door knob with proper disinfectant wipe upon entering and then wipe inside door knob.
-All surfaces in unit will be wiped with proper disinfectant wipes including but not limited to the following:  table tops, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, Kitchen surfaces, microwaves, stove tops, refrigerator, bathroom toilets, front and back of toilet bowls, toilet seats, sinks, tubs, showers,  bedroom tables, etc. All high use/touch items such as door knobs/remotes/light switches etc. are specifically targeted for cleaning and disinfecting. 
-All units will have a 24 hour health/safety hold between reservations.

**Management will monitor emerging information on Best Practices with regard to COVID-19 and update this plan when necessary.**