Our History

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Excerpts pulled from an anonymous clip found in our archives:
"Up until a scant two decades ago, White Pass wasn't passable. At least by car. The road from the east went as far as Rimrock Lake. There were plenty of summer trails, but no ski area. Then in 1951 the highway was cut through. It didn't take long for a group of skiers and business men in Yakima to see the area's potential. They formed the Yakima Ski Club and built the first rope tow in 1952.

Early in the area's infancy, its founders realized that additional facilities were needed, such as overnight accommodations. In 1964, the White Pass Company obtained from the Forest Service a 30-year "Term Special Use Permit" (ground lease) for the development of an alpine resort complex north of the highway (across from the hill). The permit included the rights to build 100 condominium units; 54 were built prior to the 1965-66 ski season. 

It has been the policy of everyone involved at White Pass over the years to preserve its natural beauty, to make improvements carefully, and to proceed slowly and thoughtfully. 

What then of the future?
In short, the future of White Pass, as usual, is looking up. We hope you'll be a part of it."

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