Hikes, Wildflowers & Vistas

For a shorter outing, stroll around the Leech Lake, snowshoe out to a frozen waterfall or walk along the Audubon's Great Washington State Birding Trail. No matter your ability or energy level, the breathtaking views are a short walk or drive. We recommend these to start: If you're up for a backpacking trip, we recommend this hike for all three.
Packwood Basin Mt Rainier
  • Peak hiking season starts in August and lasts through September, especially if you want to avoid late season snow fields & bugs.
  • Peak wildflower season coincides with peak hiking season.
  • Vistas you get from most summits - and all along the Highway 12 drive up here. Stop at one of many historical landmarks and read about the Natural History of the area.
Larches don't necessarily fall into this category but we will include them here. In October/Early November, come stay at the Village Inn and we'll guide you to where you can find the best color!